The complete Bally Fathom pinball page


After trying several procedures, I found a strategy giving you the highest amount of points in minimum time [Of course, its not the funniest way, though.]:
  • Complete as much A-B-C lanes as you can before the ball comes down to the flippers by letting the bumpers do the work for you.
  • Shoot the ball into the «cave» trap [right saucer] by using the left flipper finger. If the ball misses the saucer, use the upper right flipper to shoot the ball into the lagoon trap [upper saucer].
  • Try to complete another A-B-C lanes with the new ball. Shoot the extra ball target to light spinner.
  • Shoot the ball in the remaining saucer.
  • Try to complete the rest of A-B-C lanes – if the ball comes down to the flippers, shoot it back to the A-B-C lanes through the spinner to light all outlanes and A-B-C special.
  • Complete A-B-C ones more to claim the replay.
  • Shoot 1-2-3 targets in sequence [I prefer a start from the left flipper] to light extra ball and get it.
  • Now go for shooting down the blue and green inline targets to release the captured balls. Again start with the ball on the left flipper finger, shooting into the cave trap. When it comes out, use the right upper flipper to do a «combo» by shooting the ball up to the lagoon drop targets. If you press the flipper button to late, you can always go for the left blue and green drop targets and shoot them down.
  • Try not to release all balls the same time – the of layout of the Fathom playfield makes it almost impossible have control over the balls all the time.
  • Use the two ball multiball instead to claim some points and to drop the remaining targets of either saucer.
  • Try to keep the [now] 3-ball-multiball as long as you can to gain loads of points. Bonus special in the middle of the playfield should be lit by now.
  • Shoot the balls back into the saucers during multiball after a while to have them save when a ball go between the flippers.
  • Use a new ball to shoot down the drop targets to get another multiball, complete A-B-C lanes, shoot down 1-2-3 targets in sequence to get additional extra balls [Remember, there is only one per ball in play].
Here are some additional tips for playing Fathom:
  1. Try to control your plunger shot! Use only the amount of power which is necessary to get the ball smoothly to the A-B-C lanes and not bouncing it between the gates. So you can easily switch the lanes with the right flipper button [if you have to]. Its some kind of a skill shot. :)
  2. Always try to get complete control of the ball. Means, take the speed out of the play by holding the ball on the lower flippers! The Fathom can be one of the fastest pinball machines in the world [read here how to make it that fast].
  3. If the ball goes through an outlane nudge the flipper gently [!] with your hand [left one for left outlane, right one for right outlane] just before it crosses the return lane to bring it back into play. [Works sometimes - not always.]

Risky shots:

  • Shooting the ball with the right flipper into the very right bumper – ball can go out between the flippers real quick.
  • Shooting the upper lane to the lagoon trap from the lower right flipper with not enough power – can cause to ball to go out between the flippers when it rolls back from the lane.
  • Shooting a ball into the slingshots directly from the lower flipper fingers – can cause a bounce between the slingshots ending with the ball going through the outlane.
  • Shooting the minipost accidentally while aiming for the spinner or the lagoon trap – can cause the ball go right through the flippers.

That's it. Sounds easy, looks easy – but is hard to do! But hey, that's what pinball is about! Happy flipping! :)