The complete Bally Fathom pinball page


Here are some useful links related to pinball in general and some related to the Fathom: 
Link Description
Resources The Internet Pinball Database Pinball Image Database The PAPS-List Pinball Abbreviations Database Comprehensive German pinball site with online shop Manuals, Schematics, Instruction/Score cards Pinball News for the UK - Fast and Free Pinball-News Pinball flyers Pinball Promo Flyers - Search Want to know the value of a certain pin? Here you can find several auction results. Pinball Collectors Register List of collectors and their machines all over the world. Website of the Pingamejournal magazin ArcadeMatrix - Pinball, Video and Arcade
Restoration The best guide available on the net for restoring a pinball machine! Pinball Plastic Scan Repository Arcade and Pinball Graphics, Playfields, Overlays... A page about playfield and backglass restoration. A guide to reproducing pinball playfield plastics.
Parts Pinball Resource – Parts & Service. – they have reproduced bumper caps and drop targets for the Fathom. Pinball Paradise – good source for parts in Europe. Marco Specialities, Inc. – good source for all kind of pinball parts.
Fathom Source for Repro-Fathom-Plastics Great site about a professional Fathom restoration. Another Fathom restoration page – good site. Mike's Scrapyard – The Fathom Restoration Page
Clubs Homepage of the German Pinball Association [GPA]
Locations Cosy pinball club in Zurich/Switzerland managed by Ivo Vasella with about 30 pinball machines.
Newsgroups High traffic newsgroup with lots of threads during one day. Good, helpful people with great knowledge.
Events Pinball EXPO 2001 Pinburgh 2001 White Rose Gameroom Show 2001