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To keep your pinball machine in good condition which is essential for good performance and a fun game here are some facts you should observe:
Rule #1: Clean your machine! If you bought a dirty one, strip down all playfield parts and clean it entirely. Doing some digital photographs before makes it easier to remember where all the parts go. Use 99 % isopropyl alcohol – that removes dirt and even the glue of mylar easily without damaging the paint. Be very careful with «Red Devil» which is effective but too aggressive in my opinion. Always remove it completely. It reacts with the paint and could cause it to come off.

To protect the playfield use acrylic automotive [Number One, Germany] wax. It is very resistant and lasts for about 4 months depending on how much you play. It doesn't turn yellow and you can use it on mylar sheets too. Wax every square inch of the playfield. If it dries, polish it gently with a special non fluffy polishing cloth. Be carefully not to take of paint from critical areas like the areas around light bulbs. Vacuum the playfield carefully after it if necessary.

Waxing the playfield just not makes it look great and shinny it also lets the balls be as quick as a lightning. To increase game speed lower the front leg levellers to minimum and the rear ones up all way.

Before reassembling the playfield clean all stripped parts. Replace broken mini posts, targets, etc. by new ones. Buff metal parts to give them their original shine.

Rule #2: Inspect the balls carefully! If they have scratches or missing chrome,
The three left balls are new. You can see the dull surface with rust on the right ball.
replace them. Otherwise they will ruin your playfield real quick. Don't touch the balls with bare hands since the sweat reacts with the surface. Use gloves instead and polish the balls with a metal cleaner before putting them into play.

Rule #3: Take care of the rubber! Replace damaged or weak rubber rings immediately. Remember to use white rubber rings on the playfield and yellow ones for the flippers.

Rule #4: Keep your machine comfortable! Store it in a dry place at normal temperature. If it's to cold and you turn the machine on you could damage the beautiful backglass because the paint reacts faster to the head of the light bulbs than the glass and will crack. Switch the machine off if not in use.

Rule #5: Do NOT lubricate your machine. Most of the parts run dry.
flipper unit
Flipper unit before and after replacing the dusty parts.
If someone did lubricate the game before you bought it you can see black dust around that area. Replace those parts.

Rule #6: Keep your machine clean! Vacuum the playfield carefully from time to time to remove dust caused by rubber, playfield wear and ball movement. Dust not only slows down the speed of a game it also acts like sandpaper and damages your playfield. Repolish or rewax the playfield if necessary.

Rule #7: Look under the playfield from time to time. Check for loose screws [slingshots, flipper units, etc.], heat damage and dirt.