The complete Bally Fathom pinball page
Playfield Structure
Playfield Parts
Replacement Parts


Playfield parts:
1 Ball arches P-5871-86 Playfield overview
2 Plunger cover P-6359-51
3 Saucer ASE-428-57
4 Plastics [set] A-2890-158
5 Spinner ASE-2250-88
6 Bumper cap, blue, translucent A-4009-4
7 Bumper ring, blue, translucent C-1018-2
8 Upper arched rail M-1774-8
9 Flipper finger A-3994
10 Ball gate with shackle ASE-2250-90
11 Ball gate with shackle ASE-2250-91
12 Ball gate with shackle ASE-2250-92
13 Ball entrance gate with shackle ASE-2250-93
14 Lane guide, plastic, blue, translucent C-693-2
15 Lane guide, plastic, blue, translucent C-694-2
16 Lane switch ASE-2806-9
17 Lane switch ASE-2806
18 Lane switch ASE-2806-1
19 Drop target unit ASE-2795-89
20 Drop target unit ASE-2795-88
21 Memory drop target unit, blue targets ASE-3039-3
22 Memory drop target unit, green targets ASE-3039-4
23 Saucer ASE-428-53
24 Stand-up target, yellow ASE-2911-21
25 Lane guide metal M-121-56
26 Lane guide, metal M-121-53
27 Lane guide, metal M-121-46
28 Gate A-1475-12
Rubber rings:
A Rubber ring, white, ø 1", 4 pieces R-521-1 Numbers are original Bally parts numbers! I can't guarantee that they are all correct. Check back with your local pinball store before ordering!
B Rubber ring, white, ø 1 1/2", 5 pieces R-521-2
C Rubber ring, white, ø 2 1/2", 2 pieces R-521-4
D Rubber ring, white, ø 3", 2 pieces R-521-5
E Rubber ring, white, ø 3/16" steel post, 11 pieces 17-41-641
F Rubber ring, yellow, flipper finger, 3 pieces R-533-3
G Rubber ring, white, ø 5/16", 10 pieces R-243
  Post Cap, white, 20 pieces R-412
  Shooter Tip R-108-4